23 Aug 2019

These days being healthier, we employ sports scientists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, personal trainers, gym instructors, group exercise instructors, massage therapists, weight loss consultants and any number of other specialists to help you achieve your goals.

Across the entire world, the industry now offers community health clubs, women-only, seniors only, kids only, indoor, outdoor, fitness holidays, retreats, weight loss camps, specialized sports training, and the list goes on. The excuses for not exercising are becoming less and less.

Unfortunately, our general population’s health is becoming increasingly worse, and the burden that places on our economy from preventable diseases is almost out of control.

A poor diet coupled with a lack of exercise is as detrimental to our physical health as smoking cigarettes.

The other benefit of exercising regularly and eating right is the mood lift it gives us and the psychological strength to achieve more in our daily lives.

Exercise is so powerful that makes you healthier. It is commonly prescribed for the management of depression and melancholy thoughts before or in addition to medication.

We all know we should be doing it but around 80% of the general population still doesn’t do it regularly. So, where do you start?

Whether you are searching for yourself or helping someone else get started with their lifestyle improvement, here are 10 key steps to a healthier you and things you should do first:


1. If you have a family history of illness or injury, or you would just like to be sure before starting to exercise, get clearance from your medical practitioner.

2. Engage an expert. Talk to a personal trainer or one of the specialists listed above and check a healthier diet for you, as not all types of exercise are suitable for all types of people.

3. Check the price of the product or service being offered. If you commit to the business for a longer period, you should receive a cheaper rate e.g. a single visit to a gym maybe $15, but a 12-month membership may only be $17 a week for unlimited access. A single personal training session maybe $44, but a 12-week personal training program may only be $35 per session.

4. Check to ensure that the fitness business is a member of the governing body Fitness Australia. You can call 1300 211 311 or search www.startexercising.com.au to check on them.


5. Check to ensure that the business works closely with other local health professionals. This network is very helpful for you gaining assistance when required.

6. Check to ensure that the business provides childminding and/or group exercise if that is important to you.

7. Check to ensure that the location of the business is convenient. Most successful participants typically join a business within 20 minutes of their home or workplace.

8. Check to ensure that the fitness business is available 24/7. You need to be able to work out when you want to, not when the business tells you to.


9. Check to ensure that the business has a safe, supportive and comfortable environment.

10. Check to ensure that the staff is qualified to be providing the advice you need to achieve your goals.

Formal exercise in conjunction with a local fitness business will certainly accelerate you towards achieving your goals, but there are other ways of improving your lifestyle.

Healthier you are simply being more active every day. Eating right, enriching your spirit, taking time to value the people and places around you and contributing to your local community will all have positive health benefits.

You are only one workout away from a good mood. Together let’s make the goal, make the time and MAKE IT HAPPEN! See you next month.


Thanks for sharing, Duncan. If you are looking to kickstart your fitter future you can drop in to see him at either Coffs Coast Health Club Toormina or Moonee! You can also contact him directly on 0411 103 867 or Facebook to get started today.
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