24 Sep 2019

Good afternoon Coffs Coast, end of another great week. Conversations this week have been around ‘protein’ and why it’s so important. So here it is…

Protein is crucial to good health. The name comes from the Greek word proteos, meaning “primary” or “first place.” Proteins are made up of amino acids that join together to form long chains. You can think of a protein as a string of beads in which each bead is an amino acid. 20 amino acids help form thousands of different proteins in your body. Proteins do most of their work in the cell and perform various jobs.

Protein has many roles in your body. It helps repair and build your body’s tissues, allows metabolic reactions to take place and coordinates bodily functions. In addition to providing your body with a structural framework, proteins also maintain proper pH and fluid balance.

Finally, they keep your immune system strong, transport and store nutrients and can act as an energy source, if needed. Collectively, these functions make protein one of the most important nutrients for your health.

How much should I be having? Your body’s protein needs are dependent upon your health, lean muscle mass and activity level. A regular healthy adult should be having at least 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight. A guide to getting you started…




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Have an amazing day ahead.


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