12 Aug 2019
  1. Start small
    It’s easy to promise yourself you’re going to hit the gym six days a week – but harder to do it, especially when the beach is calling. Aim for three sessions a week and do your best to fulfill it. If you only get there once, it’s not a fail… just get back on track next week
  2. Set definite goals
    The more specific, the better. ‘Lose fat’ or ‘Add muscle’ isn’t very specific – ‘Lose 2%’ body fat or ‘Add 2 kg of muscle by March’ is much more specific, and it’ll keep you focused. Even better – hit the gym, set yourself workout targets like a bodyweight bench press or 25-minute 5 km run. They’ll keep you focused, and the body changes will be a nice side effect.
  3. Have a plan
    If you go to the gym with no idea what you’re going to do, you’ll waste time once you’re there. Pick a plan you’re prepared to commit to for at least a month, and stick to it if you want to lose fat. Don’t rely on motivation, hit the gym and book your exercise appointment into your diary
  4. Keep a record
    Sets, reps, and weights will do, though you can add more detail if you want to. Aim to move more weight, hit more reps, or take less rest between sets every week, and you’ll see improvements fast.
  5. Use ‘finishers’
    There’s no excuse for neglecting cardio, but it doesn’t have to take long. Finish your workouts with a nasty gut-check – an all-out 500m row or 30 burpees as fast as possible will do the trick.
  6. Stay accountable
    Tell someone you trust your goals – and ask them to help you stick to them. Once you’re committed, it’ll be harder to quit. Personal Trainers are especially helpful in this regard.
  7. Stick with it
    For most people, what starts off as a new and exciting hobby can seem more like hard work after only a couple of weeks, especially if you don’t see instant results. Rest assured, this is normal. You’ve come this far, so persevere. It usually takes around three months for training to become a habit, and by that time you will start to look and feel better. In the meantime, hit the gym and remind yourself why you’re doing it and reward yourself for sticking with it with something like a quality massage.
  8. Change one thing at once
    Planning to quit the smokes, booze, and sugar at the same time as starting a new fitness regime? Not even you will have the willpower to make that stick champion. Change one small thing a week – giving up soft drinks, for instance – and add a new habit when the first ones set.
  9. Work as a team
    Exercise can be social, and it’s easier to stay motivated if you have a partner or friend to join you. Even saying hello to the regulars at your gym can make it a friendlier place. Group exercise classes are also a great option!
  10. Visualize success
    ‘Use all five senses,’ says sports psychologist Michael Sachs. ‘Don’t only see things, but hear what’s going on, smell, taste the sweat in your mouth and feel the steel bar and what’s it’s like to go through the movements. This benefits ordinary people lifting weights as much as it helps elite sportsmen.’

Now you’re almost a month into the New Year…

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