24 Sep 2019

Good Day, Coffs Coast, it seems like a long time since the end of the Push Up Challenge. However, weeks have passed since I and Court stopped bombarding your social media with images and videos of ourselves progressing our way through the hardship of 3128 push-ups in 21 days.

Was it worth it? Yes & yes, to be honest, I miss it. Having a target each day and the tremendous support from our members provided an amazing amount of motivation. That said, I did struggle more than I expected to, purely based around the ridiculous volume of push-ups! What makes pushups so effective is precisely what makes them so difficult: They work your entire body. Even if you have pretty strong arms, if you aren’t conditioned to using all of your muscles to hoist your body weight up and down with control, you’re going to be humbled. 

What did I learn? Having a goal is highly important to keep you on track. Fitness goals are perhaps the best form of maintaining motivation for exercise. Short term goals give you an immediate target to focus on while long term goals keep your overall objective in mind, striving for higher achievements. When you reach your goals, tick them off against your list and make new ones. In my experience, being able to do that provides a great sense of satisfaction and extra motivation to start on the next goal.

When is the next challenge? Next month! I and Court are taking on ‘The Beast’ at Spartan Gold Coast in the beautiful Numinbah Valley. 22km of off-road terrain incorporating 30 Obstacles! oh! and 30 Burpees for each obstacle you are unable to complete! We will keep you updated on how we go!

Let me know your fitness goals and I will let you know how myself and Coffs Coast Health Club can support you and motivate you to achieve them. If you want to catch up, please feel free to DM me jenloufitness@gmail.com or follow my Facebook Jen Lou Fitness at Coffs Coast Health Club or Instagram @jenloufit


Healthy Regards,


Want to learn to do push-ups… Heres my guide to getting you started…


Get down on all fours, placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. You can bring them in closer if you want to better target your triceps, but if it doesn’t feel comfortable, or doable, keep your hands wide. this will target more of your chest muscles.


Press your palm into the floor and spread your fingers when setting up each pushup. In the past pushups would bug my wrists, but this cue helped me. I could feel more muscular tension and less stress on my joints.


Focus on tightening your glutes, abs, and quads. Engaging these muscles will help keep the lower back from arching or sagging during the move.


Lots of people drop their heads and don’t even realize it. For every rep, actively think about lowering your chin, not your nose, to the floor. This will keep your spine a neutral position (and your neck out of the equation), preventing unwanted discomfort.


Want to turn up the burn? Bring your feet together so your weight is less evenly distributed between your four limbs. Want to make pushups easier? Separate your feet so you have a bit more stability when going up and down.


Keep your elbows around 45 degrees from your body. You don’t want your elbows flaring too far out. This protects the shoulders and keeps them in alignment.


Try to lower your body closer to the ground before pushing yourself back up. Have a friend take pictures of your pushups to see your progress, or peek in the mirror if you must (keep it brief—remember, you want a neutral spine). And keep working on getting lower until you run out of space. Chest and hips to the floor (though not on the floor), as I like to say.


There are also many pushups variations to suit people of different strengths and abilities. Try doing your push-ups against a box or on your knees to reduce the intensity. Don’t worry, there is a push-up variation for everyone.
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