07 Jun 2019

It’s Friday and for lots of you, you have been waiting for this since the last public holiday. What are you all doing with your three days off? I still find it strange that in Australia we have a holiday to celebrate the Queens birthday. In the UK, we don’t. Puzzled 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Long weekends often mean more time with family, gathering of friends and social events. For many of my clients, they find it harder to stick to their health regimes.

We all have different interpretations of what makes a public holiday. Some of us might jump in the car and head up the coast for some camping. Some of us might take the opportunity to stay at home and catch up on that Netflix season you’ve missed. While some of us may head out with friends for food and drinks.

Of course, taking the time to relax and be leisurely is important. But planning your weekend, and organizing your extra 24 hours of freedom wisely. You can have a positive and significant impact on your health.


Here are five public holiday tips to help you give your physical health and mental wellbeing a boost:


Get Some Coastal Scenery 
Experiencing a change of scenery regularly can then can have substantial mental health benefits. Spending time at the beach or in natural environments has been associated with a reduction in stress and facilitating feelings of calm. A public holiday walk in the bush at Dorrigo national park or around costal paths around the beautiful Coffs Coast helps to provide some mental breathing space between you and your place of work, as well as allowing you to increase your step count.


Make the Most of Your Gym
Most gyms tend to be a little quieter, and particularly so during public holidays; many regular gym-goers may choose to spend the weekend elsewhere, enabling you to make the most of the facilities available and get in some quality workout time. So if joining the gym and starting a fitness routine is something you’ve been meaning to do, the Queens birthday weekend is perhaps the best time to do it. We will be open between 7 am – 11 am on Saturday morning in both Moonee and Toormina.


Do Some Healthy Food Prep

Busy schedules encourage us to eat on the go if we don’t have time to prepare food at home to take to work with us. If we tend to arrive home late after a busy day, then we may rely more on eating out than is necessarily good for us. 

More often than not, cooking at home from both a nutritional and financial standpoint is better. It allows us to exercise more control over what goes into our food (such as salt, sugar, and oil). 

If you struggle to prepare healthy food at home during the working week, then an extra public holiday day provides a perfect opportunity to get ahead. Cook some healthy dishes you can store and keep in the fridge or freezer, and take to work with you for lunch or eat in the evenings.


Don’t Sofa Surf


Staying in touch with friends and family is tough to do when we’re busy at work. And if we are putting the hours in and not getting much free time for ourselves, the prospect of a lazy, solitary public holiday weekend in front of the TV may seem all the more tempting.

However, spending time on the sofa isn’t always the best way to switch off from a typically busy professional schedule. Remaining largely sedentary over the weekend does not do our cardiovascular health any favors, and without much to distract us on our days off, our thoughts might naturally lean towards work. Subsequently, when we return to the workplace, we might not feel like we’ve made the most of our free time.

Again, variation and activity help to alleviate mental and professional fatigue. Experts have increasingly stated the value of relationships of maintaining good mental health. So try to take the time to catch up with friends or family on your extra day. Go for a walk together, or organize an outdoor activity.


Be aware of the liquid calories 



Now I’m not here to be a party pooper, I like a glass of wine over a long weekend. Living most of my life in the UK, I am fully aware of the tradition to drink your way through the 3 days. However, if you are trying to reach certain health and weight loss goals you should be aware that drinking your calories isn’t always the best option. Just in case you are interested…

With 110 calories in a medium glass of wine, you’ll need to spend 15 minutes playing basketball to burn it off. If yoga’s more your thing, you’ll need 38 minutes of it – or you can go on a 27-minute walk. Meanwhile, a whole bottle of vino is 549 calories. That’s an hour and five minutes spent doing aerobics or 40 minutes at a fast running pace. If housework is more your thing, you’re looking at 4 hours and 21 minutes of ironing to burn it all off.

A bottle of beer and its 114 calories can be blitzed by playing golf for 20 minutes. Alternatively, 20 minutes of weight training or a 14-minute jog can burn it all off.

Now having ruined your glass of wine this evening 😂 please have a great weekend. Spend time outside, with friends and most of all stay healthy.

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See you guys on the other side.

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