30 Aug 2019

Diets that encourage and promise rapid weight loss often lead to the weight being regained just as quickly. Australian women spend over $400 million per year in an unsuccessful quest to be slim with 95% of people who go on weight loss diets regaining everything they have lost plus more weight within two years.

When very little food is eaten our body begins to break down muscle to meet energy (kilojoule) needs. Unfortunately, this occurs much more readily than the breakdown of fat stores. Breaking down muscle leads to a loss of water creating the illusion of rapid weight loss. Breaking down muscle leads to lowered metabolic rate when the diet stopped it’s easier to gain fat than before. As a result, over time, people can diet themselves fatter.

There is more to the overweight issue than just food though. When you would run around all day at school and then come home to play with your friends until you were called in for dinner? Were you overweight then? Well, what’s changed now?


We live in a push-button society where movement is seen as an inconvenience, rather than an essential part of daily living. This way our metabolic requirement for food and kilojoules is very low but yet we continue to overeat. Our current lifestyles require about 30 – 50% fewer kilojoules than our parents and grandparents before them. Fifty years ago you were lucky if there was one car in the family but now we have two or three. The TV was in its infancy but now we watch an average of 21 hours per week. The energy equation, which is the basis of all things weight loss, is out of balance and that is the first thing we need to correct.

Being overweight puts you at an infinitely greater risk of a range of health problems like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, gout, gallstones, arthritis, sleep apnoea, and reproductive abnormalities. Apart from these issues you can become tired and cranky, develop emotional and psychological problems and become depressed. Unfortunately, society is also discriminate quite heavily against overweight and obese people, which only increases to get healthy.

To lose weight, participate in a program that helps you lose fat, not muscle and water. It aims to get you to eat the right amounts of the right foods for the rest of your life. Eating too much will put on more weight but eating too little and don’t exercise, you lose muscle. Losing muscle, in turn, sets you on the diet cycle of regaining more weight and getting fatter in the process. Nutritional advice, achievable exercise, social connection, and professional support are critical to your long term weight loss success.


My recommendation is to search locally for a program or center that assists with all of these components. Together let’s make the goal, make the time and MAKE IT HAPPEN! See you next month.

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