27 Sep 2019

The Importance of Learning New Skills.

A few months ago I and Court traveled to the Gold Coast for a Punchfit course. The course now allows us both to take the Punch classes that run across both of our clubs. For me, this is new territory.

I have been to a few boxing classes over the years and I also been shown the safety element when working 1 to 1 with a client. However, being in the room with a trainer who is a successful Muay Thai fighter and other more experienced participants was intimidating. Even with this, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of learning new skills.

I have always been keen to push (force 😂) myself to try new things as I’m a firm believer that the great things in life only exists beyond the scary stuff! 


Punchfit Fight World Helensvale 


“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear” George Addair 


Now… I love learning new things. Before I was a Personal Trainer I worked as a lecturer in Photography. Education, which I came to more in my late twenties, has opened up many doors for me and also helped shape the person I am now in my thirties.

I think we have a duty to ourselves and the people around us to learn and develop every day. Education comes in many forms. The more we practice learning, the more we know and the better we become at learning things that make us more able to achieve goals, help others, develop skills, communicate functionally, become more creative and enhance life.

Education becomes a way to learn limitless answers and to gain control over our lives. Knowledge is power but is also a key to self-fulfillment. It lowers frustration as one becomes able to do more actions accurately and effectively. 

When I started my course as a personal trainer, I wasn’t 100% if I was going to make a career out of it. However, one thing I was sure about was that I would know more about myself. I was honestly surprised by how little I knew about the body I had been walking around in for the last 36 years! 

If you bought a new car and didn’t read the handbook, how would I know what fuel to put in it? how long until it needed a service? or what pressure the tires should be?

Now… You say, “Jen I take my car to the garage and let them worry about that!” Yes, that is true, but how many of you have had expensive car issues because you ignored a problem and it broke down… You see where I’m going 🤷🏻‍♀️ Remember you can buy a new car! 


I often see people in a session, not truly understanding why, sweating it out to punish themselves for the bad food they ate the day, week, month before. Instead think about educating yourself about your body, learning the skills of how it moves, understanding what fuel it runs better on and more than anything making sure it doesn’t break down.

If you struggle with this then don’t suffer in silence and come and speak to one of us at the club! We love to share our skills and knowledge with you, learn to help you and we are like a mechanic! 

This weekend read a book, listen to a podcast, experience something new and above everything learn or do something for yourself! I try and learn something new every day, whether it’s about fitness, nutrition or world politics!. Remember you have to be always educating yourself to have the skills and knowledge for a long healthy and happy future. 

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Have a fabulous day.

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