05 Nov 2016
Suffering from back pain?

Then you are not alone. Figures from the 2011-12 National Health Survey show about three million Australians or 3.6% of the population do.

It’s estimated 70-90% of people will suffer to some level during their lives. Our children are suffering too. The Medical Journal of Australia indicates it’s one of the most common ailments reported by 15-24-year olds, 9.1% of their population group.

Back pain has many forms and causes, way too many to explain in a brief article.

It’s true; sedentary lives are affecting us by enhancing poor postural habits: round shoulders, poked head, slumping back – perhaps you’re sitting like it now! These weaken our core, shoulder girdles and glutes, and tighten musculature on the front of our bodies. We’ve developed poor movement patterns for lifting, carrying and bending that prevent joints aligning well and recruiting the muscles needed to move and load in a stable, efficient and pain-free manner.

What can we do about it? Exercise.

Strengthen our core. Yes back too! Rebuild lost butt muscles, restore muscle balance to the hips and legs; and strengthen mid backs, so shoulders are strong, off-loading our spines. Loosen tight muscles. Finally, learn to move correctly.

Start now: simply stand then start walking!

Did you know that your exercise professional coach or trainer can help you with each of these back pain problem?
We can assess you and tailor exercises for you, ones specific to your discomfort, movement patterns, goals, and personal needs, referring where necessary.

If your suffering is causing concern, please know there’s help available. Seek advice from your doctor or allied health specialist first if it seems more than a minor issue. If you’re not sure if you should see a health professional or need help on starting an exercise plan, then feel free to call me on 0429 695 096

Article by Tracy Welsh – Specialist Master Coach

If you are looking to kickstart your fitness story drop in to see me at Coffs Coast Health Club. You can also contact our reception team on 6658 6222 to get started today and see the friendly Coffs Coast Health Club team at either Toormina or Moonee Beach.

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