01 Feb 2021


So you’re pregnant and want to know if you should be exercising throughout your pregnancy and how much you can do once your little bub is born.

Firstly, congratulations on your little miracle and I’ll get back to answering that question in just a bit. However, it needs to be stated first that it is extremely important to converse with your doctor or obstetrician before participating in any physical activity whilst pregnant. Once you have your all clear it is essential that you speak with a trainer who is experienced in pre and postnatal training, as they can give you guidelines to follow in your training regime.

Even the most experienced athlete will need to modify their training schedule over the course of their pregnancy. In general, it is recommended that pregnant women continue to exercise for 30-40 minutes three to four times a week at a moderate intensity. One of the main goals a personal trainer will have for their clients is to maintain a level of fitness, that will assist them when it comes time to giving birth, allow them to potentially heal faster and be able to attend to their little ones needs more effectively.

If you’ve ever wanted to try a sport or particular activity, maybe wait till after pregnancy as this is not the time to try new activities. For example, if you are used to walking and swimming regularly and have a sudden urge to try gymnastics, or basketball you may increase you risk of pregnancy problems, as it is advised to keep your heart rate below 70% of its maximum to minimize overheating and making bub uncomfortable. If a particular activity or exercise is making you feel uncomfortable or causing any kind of discomfort, then cease it immediately and let your trainer and doctor know.

If you choose to get advice from a trainer who is qualified in pre and postnatal training, then you will more than likely hear them speak about building your pelvic floor and how important it is in assisting with child birth and minimizing any chance of prolapse. Pelvic floor exercises help strengthen the muscles that stretch like a supportive hammock from the pubic bone to the end of the backbone. These are not muscles that just get stronger by themselves and need to be worked on during pregnancy and after pregnancy to avoid incontinence later on.

If you are currently pregnant or have just had a baby and been given the all clear to exercise, then please make sure you speak with a qualified pre and postnatal trainer like myself. We will provide you with specialized advice, help in setting achievable goals and an exercise program that suits your particular needs to make your experience more manageable and enjoyable.

Thanks Amanda for the great info!

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