12 Nov 2016

Pain is the brain’s SOS! Many areas of our bodies experience pain, but many of these spots are not the cause of it – they’re just where the symptom is sitting.

Say what?
How can this be?

Body joints have specific purposes in the way they move or respond to movement.

Let’s look at some from the floor up. Ankles, hips, thoracic spine = mobility.

Foot, knees, lower back,  scapular girdle, and cervical spine = stability.

If joints move incorrectly or in the wrong order, they will cause pain somewhere eventually – simple! Pain occurs at the weakest link when it can take no more.

Pain is your brain sending you an SOS message to stop, a wake-up call that it feels threatened somewhere.

The tissue in the muscles responds to these messages by tightening or locking the area to protect it.

We usually have warning signs of tightness before we get to pain, we just don’t notice it or ignore it.

Joint stability doesn’t mean locked tight. A joint should only respond with enough tension to allow loads and forces to transfer through it without making it immobile, a bit like new earthquake technology in a tower. If it’s locked rigidly, it will get damaged.

Mobility should only be possible in which the joint was designed to move, as for example, our knee is not made to rotate – it‘s a hinge.

Many people have tried to move well by bending their knees to protect their back.

Over many years, well-intentioned sources have been telling us to bend our knees to save our back, but this is not all the required information.

They forgot to tell us that firstly, hips need to break back, otherwise our weight goes directly through our knees. So yes, our back copes well but our knees are getting sore and grumpy taking all the weight – and wearing out due to it.

Do yourselves a favor this week and chat with myself or another exercise professional who can assess your movements or help with retraining them. Phone me on 0429 695 096.

Article by Tracy Welsh – Specialist Master Coach

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