21 Jul 2019

Happy Sunday, it was a busy week at Coffs Coast Health Club and I would imagine most of you have enjoyed a relaxing weekend, especially as the kids go back to school tomorrow. For most, weekends are often the time to partake in drinking alcohol to wind down from the week and the normal stresses of life.

Now I like a glass of wine like the next person, however, if you are trying to stay on the right path with your weight loss there are some things to know on the subject. Remember education is power when it comes to your health and fitness.

Unfortunately, drinking alcohol when trying to lose weight can be the culprit of why you are not achieving the results you want. Depending on what and how much you drink, the calories can add up to a thousand calories or more per week. A glass of wine can be 100-130 calories and there may be anywhere from 60-200 calories in beer.

“It is estimated that an average person, with no other health complications, requires around a deficit of 3500 calories to lose approximately 500g of body fat”

You can now see why consuming something with no nutritional value, that’s full of calories and in a liquid form could be an issue!

Another factor to take into account is that alcohol changes the way your body burns fat. When you drink your body is more focused on breaking down alcohol rather than burning fat. This means other elements can cause weight gain or inhibit fat loss outside of calorie content.

When drinking alcohol is consumed, it’s burned first a fuel source before your body uses anything else. This includes glucose from carbohydrates or lipids from fats. When your body is using alcohol as a primary source of energy, the excess glucose and lipids end up. Unfortunately, like adipose tissue, or fat.

On top of this drinking alcohol lowers inhibitions about the food choices you make and can also increase your appetite. A bad combination if you are working hard during the week to eat healthily and lose weight.



I hear it most days, “but I eat healthy, exercise and I don’t drink that much. Why am I not losing weight?” I don’t ever doubt that people believe that they are looking after themselves! However, if you are not losing weight you will need to remember the unfortunate truth ‘Calories do count at the weekend!’ and ‘Alcohol may be the reason’.

If you need more support with weight loss, see me in one of the clubs. Feel free to message me and I will be more than happy to help. With this now in mind, please all go back to enjoying the time you have left this weekend. I look forward to seeing some of you with another busy week ahead.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions on how to get started or come and see me in the club, feel free to DM me jenloufitness@gmail.com or follow my Facebook Jen Lou Fitness at Coffs Coast Health Club or Instagram @jenloufit


Healthy Regards,
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