14 Oct 2020

“Meet the Girls!” – Our Female Personal Training Team

If you have ever spent time in Coffs Coast Health Club, you will know that we pride ourselves on providing a safe, enjoyable and friendly environment for all our members to immerse themselves in. This community is also reflected across our wonderfully diverse team of Female Personal Trainers.

Who are they…?

Helen Wells is The Sporty One’! Helen joined our team last year, a welcomed addition, she brings her depth of knowledge from a Bachelors in Sport & Exercise Science. Helen also plays for ‘East Coast Eagles Futsal team who won at the Gold Coast International in February and is on her way to Worlds in the USA later this year. She also coaches Football for the North Coast u12 Girls Skills Acquisition Program and has started a weekly strength and conditioning program for young Coffs Coast athletes. Helen has a wealth of knowledge about exercise for all age groups and recognises the benefits that exercise has for health and wellbeing from those young to those young at heart!

Jen McCulloch is The British One’! Jen moved to Australia and joined the club as a full-time personal trainer two years ago. Originally a photography teacher in the UK, Jen retrained as a personal trainer for her new career in Australia. Jen is a highly enthusiastic trainer who loves to get involved in a variety of activities and training and values the importance of daily movement for the longevity of the body. Jen has a well-rounded knowledge to help you with your strength and conditioning training. She also specialises in weight loss, nutrition and has plenty of tips to help you move more, look great and feel on top of the world! When she’s not training clients morning and night, she’s outside loving our fabulous Aussie weather!

Court Waters is The Scientific One’! Court has been with Coffs Coast Health Club since 2015, with her most recent appointment as Assistant Manager at Moonee. Court comes from a successful family line of Group Fitness Instructors, with both parents taking the stage. If you have ever had the pleasure of taking part in one of our group classes, you would have probably been taught by Court and have felt her passion for bringing people together to share in the power of exercise. Court’s other love is for Science particularly that which relates to biology, having previously studied a Bachelor of Zoology. If there’s a ‘why?’ or a ‘how?’ Courts your girl to find the answer. Court uses her knowledge of all things science to relate to the movement and function of the human body. She loves helping her clients become educated about themselves and the way they move for a long and healthy future.

Amanda Dean Bellette is The Strong One’! Amanda ‘Deano’ has been personal training at Coffs Coast Health Club for 3 years having previously been a CrossFit coach in Sydney. As a teenager, Amanda played high-level Golf, which she has recently rekindled her passion for. Last year Amanda came second in Australia in the scaled CrossFit Open, only 9 months after giving birth to her daughter Bailey. Amanda has first-hand experience training during and post-pregnancy and has a passion to help those who need guidance during this time in their own training. When she’s not being a mum or training clients you will find her bodybuilding at Coffs Coast Health Club Toormina.

They may be our Personal Trainers but more importantly, they are also great mates and recognise the importance of supporting each other, sharing knowledge, experience and collaborating to provide their clients with the best service and results possible. Our girls pride themselves on providing you with professional, dynamic and sustainable changes to your health and fitness and educating you on the benefits of choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Here are the girls top 3 tips for living the happy healthy life you want!

“Make exercise part of your daily routine, book it into your diary alongside your other daily schedule, it’s a non-negotiable

“Find some exercise that you enjoy and do it with a friend, you can keep each other motivated and accountable. It builds your friendship; you’ll will push each other and most likely youll end up laughing together all session!

“If you invest the time and effort into yourself and your training, you will build more than a strong physical body, that allows you to do everything you want to in life. You build a healthy mindset and a stronger disposition to help cope with everything that life throws at you. Take control, commit and you’ll be much happier for it!

Our girls all have unique skills and knowledge through their 25+ years combine experience in the fitness industry and they are ready to help you achieve some great results in 2020! If you are looking to change up your training, need help with creating healthy habits or need something to spice up your time in the gym, then come and see our fab four!


You can find them on social media, via www.coffscoasthc.com.au, by calling 1300 040 479 or even better… why not drop in to either of our Toormina or Moonee Beach clubs to see them.

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