13 Jan 2016

Thank you for such a positive response to last month’s story about Simone & her amazing client, Jean. This month we are catching up with Tash Rout and her Personal Trainer Kylie Calder.

Let’s hear her inspiring story about Tash and Kylie.

What is your diet and exercise background?
I have always tried every fad under the sun, from shakes, just protein, massive calorie restriction to eating just soup for weeks. They would work for a while, but then real life kicked in and then I would put it back on and more. Until now, I had never actually given the old simple eat healthily and exercise regularly a go.

Where do you think it all went wrong?
I have always been overweight, but it wasn’t until I went to college that it escalated. A diet of alcohol and fast food ended badly. I ate much better when I left, but I would still splurge often, exercise very little and drink way too much (and cure my hangover with greasy food).

What motivated you to find a solution to the problem?
I had been trying to find a solution for years, but I finally realized it took a long time to put on the weight and it’s going to take a long time to take it off. I needed to do it the right way this time and make a positive change.

How did you go about making that positive change?
I started fresh at the start of last year and made some massive changes to my life. Once I did that, I figured I can change anything, and diet was right up there. I went along slowly, but struggled, until I decided to change gyms.

Why did you choose Kylie as your personal trainer, and what have you been doing together to achieve your goals?
Kylie was the first person I met at the gym and I could be 100% honest with Kylie about my bad habits and what I wanted to change. She was as excited as I was to get that change happening, and that support is critical. We do one session each week, which has helped me learn what to do when I come to the gym every other time.

What goals have you achieved so far?
Since last year I’ve lost 20 kg, and since working with Kylie I’ve seen a massive change in my fitness levels and the toning of my body while I lose the weight.

What are your goals for future Tash?
I have about 15 more kg to lose, so that’s the main goal. To improve my overall fitness much more and continue pushing my limits is secondary.

What is the most useful advice you could share with other readers?
Don’t be intimidated to ask for help; everyone is looking to improve themselves. Don’t feel embarrassed or nervous to go and try something new.

Tash and Kylie have been a good team-up achieving goals.

Thanks for sharing, Tash, and if you are looking to kickstart your own inspirational fitness story, drop in to see me at Coffs Coast Health Club Toormina or our NEW CLUB in MOONEE! You can also contact Kylie directly on 0414 257 086 to get started today.

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