31 May 2019

With living in the UK most of my life you would think I am good with the cold! Not so much. Sunshine was definitely on the pro’s list for moving to Australia.

This week has dropped in the temperature. You can feel the cold outside and I have also noticed a sudden drop in morning gym-goers.

“If getting cold outside stopped me from going to the gym in the UK I would have only gone for 2 months of the year!” Me 2019

Remember, the summer beach body you are looking for takes time. You need to plan and this is the perfect time to start.

Let’s talk about how…

To maintain the muscle you need to be eating within your maintenance calories and also working a weight training program. It is the age-old saying “if you don’t use it you lose it”

To build muscle your body requires a small surplus of calories. About 5-10% of your daily caloric intake. This then makes winter, the time you want to eat more calorie-dense foods and the perfect time to be working on your muscle mass.


Experiencing the cold outside my tips for you this winter…


# 1 Calories in versus calories out – Make sure you know what’s going in your mouth and focus on being within your maintenance calories or a calorie surplus (but not too much of a surplus as you may start gaining fat) to ensure you are maintaining or building adequate muscle.

#2 Progressive overload – Look at increasing your volume over time to challenge your muscles to strengthen, grow and to avoid hitting a plateau.

#3 Use (heavy) weights – Heavyweights during compound exercises such as a squat and bench press will go a long way in building bigger muscles. When you’re comfortable with a weight, aim to gradually increase the resistance/reps/sets to keep your muscles challenged.

#4 Patience – Be consistent with your training and get in the habit of always showing up and working towards realistic and achievable goals. Give your body good enough reasons to grow.

# 5 Eat an adequate amount of protein – Eat at least 1- 1.5g of protein per kg of body weight a day. In practice – this means eating protein at each mealtime and most snack intervals. Supplements such as whey protein shakes are only needed if you’re not getting enough protein from food alone.

Since it’s cold outside, be careful with your calories, too much of a surplus and you can start to get fat. Message me if you need help working this out.

Looking for some motivation to get you from under your doona this winter, please feel to contact me. Remember you get a free initial program and reprogramming as part of all memberships at Coffs Coast Health Club. Get booked in with me at reception, 1300 040 479 or feel free to DM me jenloufitness@gmail.com or follow my Facebook Jen Lou Fitness at Coffs Coast Health Club or Instagram @jenloufit



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