12 Aug 2019

A huge congratulations to both Mr. Pat & Mrs. Tia Allen! Sharing their inspirational fitness story. This month I thought I would change tact and catch up with myself and pass on a bit of what I have learned in 20 years of the fitness industry when it comes to relying on motivation to help you achieve your goals…

The personal development industry is worth over $11 billion a year. Being better than we were last year is a need that drives individuals, spurs innovation and pushes the human race to greater achievements every day. We all want to grow; to provide more for ourselves and those we care about. We consume books, seminars and training courses, and we scour the Internet for kernels of truth; hoping to unlock the ‘secrets’ to achieving more, having more and being more. We Hope!

I’ve devoured my fair share of this stuff, and some of it has helped me along the way but over the last 20 years, a startling and inescapable truth has emerged for me. Most of it won’t do you any good (& neither will following the latest Instagram Fitness Expert). The simple reason is, all the ‘secrets’ in the world won’t force you to do what you need to do.

One of my favorite thinkers, Seth Godin, says that no how-to book needs to be more than ten pages long. The only reason its length is the placebo effect when it’s 200 pages long. You believe it’s more valuable because it’s longer than 10. It’s the same with motivation. We think we need lots of it to achieve great things. Plus, it wears off, so we need to keep topping up. In my view, relying on these beliefs is a recipe for failure. If you have to keep prodding yourself, or you need to feel inspired before you act; forget it. You’re never going to make it. To succeed at anything difficult – building a business, investing for wealth, losing weight or forging great relationships – these things take effort, and they require time.

With our inspirational fitness story, I’ve learned that there are countless lessons on the road to your goals, but I believe three of them will reappear again and again to test you.
1. Show up when you don’t want to
2. Work hard – even when you don’t feel like it
3. Learn and adjust until you succeed

I’ll give you a real-world example… A certain member of our Toormina club decided a year ago she was going to do two things. She was going to lose some weight and pursue a dream. That dream was to become a makeup expert and share what she learned via YouTube – as she was learning. Watching her do this was amazing. Whether she felt like it or not, she stuck to a healthy eating plan, and she recorded one video every week. In between, she devoured anything she could on her newfound passion. She was hungry to learn and wouldn’t sway from her path.

On many occasions, she was with her family and friends while they gorged themselves at wineries, cafes, and restaurants. She would take her plastic containers of food and eat them quietly, without any fanfare. Her family would settle in to watch a video while she recorded or edited one of her own. Her dedication was unbreakable. She was all-in.

So what happened? Her inspirational fitness story, she lost a tonne of weight, she got her confidence back, and she built an audience of 10,000 subscribers in one year. Astonishing. But not surprising. You see, something most people never seem to learn is this. Successful people and unsuccessful people hate to do the same things. The difference is, successful people, make themselves do what they need to do while unsuccessful people use excuses or wait for someone to do it for them.

So if you’re looking for a hack or a trick to doing the things you need to do, follow our inspirational fitness story the ONLY one I know that works is this. Simply START doing the thing you’ve been avoiding and pretty soon, the motivation will follow. Don’t wait for the feeling. Don’t wait for inspiration. Create it by starting, put the time aside, make it a priority in your life and Simply START!

If you need professional support, please feel free to contact me directly I’ll be happy to share my fitness story via Facebook, Instagram, my mobile 0411 103 867 or drop in to see our terrific team at either Coffs Coast Health Club Toormina or Moonee but please… Simply START #strongertogether #exerciseismedicine

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