12 Aug 2019

Before you joined Coffs Coast Health Club what was your fitness background?

I started in the health and fitness industry as soon as I finished school, I’ve loved it forever! I am part of a very healthy and active family, always playing sport when I was younger, so fitness is in my veins. I’m really passionate about helping people, so it felt very natural for me to become a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. I’ve worked in some of the most successful clubs in the world like Virgin Active and Fitness First Platinum and have seen some pretty amazing achievements- but having the ability to come home, have my family around and work so closely with the Coffs Coast community is really special.

What’s so special about your Coffs Coast Health Club Personal Trainers?

Our team is hand selected from the best trainers in the region. It’s a lengthy process before we give someone the green light to represent us; there are particular characteristics that we look for in each person to make sure that they are going to deliver personalised world class service in one-onone, group and team sessions. Our PT’s represent our ethos of empowering the local community to be the happiest and healthiest in Australia. We are continuously educating ourselves, upskilling and re-training, so that we can bring knowledge from all over the world to our corner of paradise. We are also the only health club in the region to become a registered training organisation through the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers.

What areas do your trainers specialise in?

Our team is awesome! Each person does really well to perfect their craft in different areas making our team, one of the best all round teams I’ve ever worked with. It’s really important to us that we can cater for every single person that wants to enrich their lives by becoming healthier and happier. No matter what the goal, we can help. Our trainers will supercharge your efforts and have you feeling great in no time!

Our team specialise in:
• Weight loss
• Hypertrophy/ Muscle gain
• Rehabilitation and corrective exercise
• Sports specific and performance enhancing training
• Increased mobility and flexibility
• Functional training
• Body transformation Our trainers are the only ones on the coast with access to the Healthy Inspirations weight loss program and we have helped more than 450 men and women, lose over 6,500 kilograms in the past 6 years!

Why would anyone use a personal trainer?

The great thing about having a personal trainer is that you will constantly learn and improve! Having a trainer will challenge you and keep the workouts unique whilst fast tracking your results. A PT will keep you accountable and motivated when you feel like giving up and a good PT will do everything they can to get you to your goals. Our trainers also work collaboratively with other health professionals like Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Dietitians, Psychologists, Massage Therapists conveniently for you, on site, at both clubs.

What is your philosophy when it comes to exercise?

Movement heals. Our bodies thrive on movement; it’s the best medicine and can positively change a person’s physical, mental and emotional state. Movement is a key pillar in having a happy, healthy, balanced life and creating longevity.

Thanks for sharing Sam and if you are looking to kickstart your own inspirational fitness story with the Personal Training Team drop in to see the team at either Coffs Coast Health Club Toormina or Moonee, to get started today. More Inspirational Fitness Stories can be found at www.myfitnessstory.com.au

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