12 Aug 2019
How long have you been in the industry, and how did you first get involved in it?

I have been in the fitness industry since 2006. From a young age, I was involved in sport and fitness and wasted no time pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. Obtaining a Cert IV in Fitness and Massage along the way.

Why did you decide to become a personal trainer?

Well, I was actually under contract with a Sydney based NRL club, and that was cut short through injury. I needed to make some serious life choices pretty quickly, and that seemed like a natural fit. Getting a normal 9 – 5 job at that time seemed like a horrible idea.

Who are the biggest influences in your career in the fitness industry?

In no particular order and for varying reasons, as a personal trainer, the biggest influences in my career in the fitness industry would be: firstly, my ex-girlfriend. She was kind of good looking, and I thought if I am going to keep this girl, I am going to have to train my backside off and make some money …

More seriously, I would say Stuart Pass, Todd Howard, and James Smith; although nobodies to the general public, they all employed me at some stage. I learned more from these guys than a university degree from a business sense. Last but not least, Daine Mcdonald and Charles Poliquin.

If I knew what these two had forgotten, then I would be a genius. I started following their methods for a short while with great success, but more than this, I respected their willingness to teach people without asking for anything in return. Top blokes!

What’s the most exciting thing you have achieved as a personal trainer?

I have been fortunate enough to have a decent highlight reel e.g. working with some sporting superstars but as clichéd as it is, I get the biggest kicks out of seeing things like a self-conscious lady fit into her dream wedding dress or bikini, or to help someone get back to health after a serious injury or accident. To see that type of smile on people’s faces are some of the best images that I will treasure.

Why do you want to help educate others to become great personal trainers?

All jokes aside, the role of personal trainers, group instructors, etc. is such a vital role in the community. With obesity on the rise, our younger generation playing more online than outside. A certain disease becoming household names now more than ever it is up to those in the industry to make a difference.

In addition to that, there are so many great opportunities and avenues that associate with this industry. The opportunities are endless, not only here, but across the country and also abroad.

What would be some of the things students would take away from doing your course?

Personal training is a personal experience. You have to learn about becoming a personal trainer by using real equipment, with real people, in the real gym environment. We’re now lucky to educate students from Macksville in the south to Dorrigo in the west and Grafton in the north.

The AIPT Coffs Coast Personal Training course is the only local course to provide this. I’m proud to be charged with the responsibility of developing our new Coffs Coast Fitness Leaders.

How can anyone interested in becoming a personal trainer get more information about it?

The educational experience is also a very personal one and we only have limited places available in each course. The best way to find out more is to simply contact me via 0490 803 506 or coffscoastaipt@gmail.com. The next course starts at the end of February, so the time to find out more is now.

If you are looking to kickstart your own inspirational fitness story, drop in to see me at either Coffs Coast Health Club Toormina or Moonee! Contact Kylie directly on 0414 257 086 to get started today. More inspirational fitness stories can be found at www.myfitnessstory.com.au

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