12 Aug 2019

Before joining the Coffs Coast Health Club, what was your diet and exercise background?
Before joining we didnโ€™t do much exercise and had a pretty poor diet. Wade played baseball once a week, however, he was increasingly struggling due to his weight. From other diets you had tried, what did healthy inspirations offer that was different? You could still eat three meals a day, the portion sizes were fairly decent and the introduction of new foods after the different stages was great.

What type of exercise do you both enjoy doing?
At Coffs Coast Health Club, we enjoy walking. This was something we didnโ€™t really enjoy before the program but now enjoy doing together. We also enjoy going to the gym together and working on the individual strength programs Jen has made for us.

Do you find the support from your Personal Trainer (Jen) helps you achieve your goals?
Absolutely! With Jen’s healthy inspirations she is full of encouragement and support. We did have some ups and downs and Jen was always there with guidance for bad weeks and high fives for good weeks. To have someone there to support you and motivate you each week made such a difference.

What goals have you both set yourselves for the future when joining Coffs Coast Health Club?
We both would like to continue to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet. Wade wants to get ready for the baseball season next year and I would like to lose more weight and get myself as fit and healthy as possible for when we decide to expand our family. Do you both feel as though you have come a long way with your diet and fitness? Definitely! When we first started our program our diet and fitness level was very poor. But over the months we found it easier to do things and that we had more energy. We were so happy that we looked at our best on our special day!

How has your diet and exercise changed since joining the Coffs Coast Health Club Healthy Inspirations Program and doing Personal Training with Jen?
With our diet, it was about retraining our brains and we are so much happier and healthier for it. Instead of buying the pre-made items at the shops that are full of sugar and salt we now make things from scratch. Jen encourages us to continue moving, and working with her each week has pushed us to keep active.

What is the most useful advice you could share with other readers?
Find your own Jen (our Personal Trainer!) She has been such support with healthy inspirations and motivator throughout our journey and continues to work with us to achieve our new weight loss goals.

Thanks for sharing Wade & Bernie and if you are looking to kickstart your own inspirational fitness story with Jen, call her directly on 0431 141 701 or drop in to see the team at either Coffs Coast Health Club Toormina or Moonee, to get started today. More Inspirational Fitness Stories can be found at www.myfitnessstory.com.au Wedding photography by Claire Searle Photography

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