27 May 2019
Happy Monday! I hope you have all had a good weekend. Following on from my last post I thought I would share about something I am trying to work on myself; Quality of sleep.


In my investigation, I have realized for someone who loves sleep doesn’t spend enough time doing it. In my twenties I never prioritized sleeping and I always saw it as something I had to do, not that I needed to do! Wow! How this has changed.

Afternoon naps are also now a thing. I have worked out that 20 minutes is great for a recharge or 90 minutes to get in the full sleep cycle. However, 30-60 minutes and I wake up feeling sleep deprived (hungover without the party).

In recent years the importance of sleep has become the forefront of the battle with obesity. ‘A new paper which reviews the evidence from sleep restriction studies reveals that inadequate sleep is linked to obesity. The research explores how lack of sleep can impact appetite regulation, impair glucose metabolism and increase blood pressure’ https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/04/120417080350.htm

Are you one of those people that avoids going to bed as it means the next day of work will arrive sooner. Often staying up late means you are more likely to snack on things after dinner and then make bad food choices the next day. Being tired can weaken your willpower and energy levels.

Could these things be having an impact on your weight loss & health goals? It is not a mystery that if you get between 7-9 hours and you always feel better to tackle the day ahead.

My challenge to you is to plan your sleep. Work out what time you need to be up and plan backward.

“Sleep is an investment in the energy you need to be effective tomorrow.” Tom Roth


Let me know your fitness goals and I will let you know how myself and Coffs Coast Health Club can support you and motivate you to achieve them come and see me in the club, feel free to DM me jenloufitness@gmail.com or follow my Facebook Jen Lou Fitness at Coffs Coast Health Club or Instagram @jenloufit


Wishing you all a great week. Stay healthy. Jen

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