12 Aug 2019
Before joining the Coffs Coast Health Club, what was your exercise background?

I didn’t have a regular exercise regime before joining Coffs Coast Health Club. So, I had periods where I thought I should be doing something for my health. I would start going to the gym or going for a walk but it never lasted long. And then I would lose motivation and give up.

What prompted you to change your lifestyle?

My health prompted me to change my lifestyle, I watched people around me, my age being diagnosed with things like high blood pressure and diabetes and at this stage, I don’t have either of these but I knew it was only a matter of time if I didn’t do something about it.

Has that lifestyle change had a positive effect on you and your family?

I am happier in myself and I think that my lifestyle change has had a positive effect on my family, I feel like I’m more of a positive role model for my kids when it comes to nutrition and the importance of exercise in your daily life.

What type of exercise do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy going to the gym and doing Metafit classes with Simone, I love that it’s a whole-body workout in under 30 mins so being time-poor is no excuse to skip it.

Do you find the support from your Personal Trainer (Simone) helps you achieve your goals?

My initial goals centered around weight loss and I started following the healthy inspirations nutrition guidelines with the help of Simone. She taught me about the program and has motivated me along the way. We catch up weekly, we discuss how my lifestyle changes, my food diary and she gives me helpful tips about planning for the next week and how to best manage events like going out for dinner to a restaurant. We have training sessions where Simone runs me through an exercise program she has set for me. She knows my strengths and weaknesses, she introduces me to a different exercise. So, I don’t get bored and I’m working for different muscle groups.

What goals have you set yourself in the future?

I still have a long way to go in my journey but with Simone’s help we have broken it down into small manageable goals. I have a weight loss goal I am working on but I also have fitness goals as well. At the moment my lifestyle change and I am working on being able to do more running/ jogging intervals at the 5 km Park run event and building up my fitness.

How has your exercise changed since joining Coffs Coast Health Club and doing Personal Training with Simone?

I am exercising now! I have a personal training session with Simone once a week, I generally do two Metafit sessions a week with Simone and usually one other workout session by myself.

What is the most useful advice you could share?

A healthy lifestyle is important, food is fuel for our body. If we feed our body nutritious fuel it will reward us with lots of energy and it will stay healthy so we can enjoy life.

Thanks for sharing Bernadette and if you are looking to kickstart your own inspirational fitness story drop in to see the team at either Coffs Coast Health Club Toormina or Moonee, to get started today. More Inspirational Fitness Stories at www.myfitnessstory.com.au

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