23 Feb 2021

Thinking Back to March 23rd 2020

March 23rd will always be a significant day for all of us at Coffs Coast Health Club Gym and many other gyms and businesses across Australia. We were notified that we would close by 12 pm. I started my day by entering the gym with no idea whether we had our jobs. With all my might I tried not to cry. That lasted 30 seconds. I cried, my first client cried. Actually, I think I cried with all of the clients that morning! All I knew at that point was I needed to do everything in my power to help the people around me keep some kind of normality. Little did I know that being forced to change the way I delivered my service to my clients and members of the gym, would lead to me discovering a calmer version of myself.

Exercise is Good For Mental Health

We have been told and heard many times that exercise is good for mental health but I hadn’t discovered it’s true power until I was forced in front of a camera to share myself into people’s living rooms, gardens and poolsides. My first Facebook Live for my client base and my first recorded class for our members came with so many things to learn! Things like location prep, tripod setup and lighting for recording videos, sharing files, navigating Zoom, dealing with the neighbour’s dog barking and birds squawking along with handling the anxiety of recording myself to be watched and reviewed by my clients, members and colleagues. It definitely was a steep learning

Connection is the Key

What I didn’t realise, as I was stressing about what home exercises to program, the correct angle to be for the viewers and how long the session needs to go for, was that it didn’t matter. People, myself included, just wanted to feel connected, release their stresses and do something that felt normal within their daily routine. It became a time to use the tools I had to help everyone around me keep some sanity. I reflected at the time that I had never felt so close to people while being so separated.

We are Back!

We are back in the gym and times are still uncertain. However, there is a growing need for all of us to be as fit, strong, happy and healthy as possible. All things we have in our power to control. Yes, let’s not forget the physical benefits to it, but the mental side for me is just that small investment in yourself every day that feels incredible. The good news is, you don’t have to exercise for long to start reaping the mental health benefits. According to a 2017 study led by the Black Dog Institute, regular exercise of any intensity can prevent future depression, regardless of your age or gender.

I’d love to hear from you in these troubled times and see how I can help you discover a calmer version of yourself. Pop in to the club and say hi or give me a call directly on 0431 141 701 for a chat. A journey of a thousand
miles begins with a single step.
– Jen


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