15 Aug 2019

Why did you decide to change your lifestyle?
I decided to change my exercise routine and lifestyle to help improve my fitness. One day when I was driving home from town, I noticed a sign out the front out the club advertising a first-time free trial and decided to call in and try it out.

Before you joined Coffs Coast Health Club what was your exercise background?
Before joining Coffs Coast Health Club, I took regular walks along Boambee beach, Ballroom dancing and gardening to keep myself active and busy, but felt like I needed more. We all need to work on our fitness, strength, and flexibility; not just one of them.

How has that lifestyle change given you a better quality of life?
Since changing my lifestyle and joining the Coffs Coast Health Club, I have so much more energy. I can now run around all day without needing to take a nap and I feel more motivated in all areas of my life. My exercise routine has made me feel calmer, more relaxed, yet full of energy and on top of the world. Going to these classes has also given me a rich social life, I love that I have the opportunity to mix with people of all ages and everyone is friendly and happy to talk to you.

What are your health and fitness goals?
When I joined the gym, my goals were to get fitter and build muscle tone. I started with the 50+ classes and from there, I asked one of the instructors if she thought I would manage a pump class, she told me to start by only using light weights or just the bar, so I did.

How has Coffs Coast Health Club assisted you in reaching those goals?
I have reached my goals of gaining muscle strength with the help, support & encouragement of staff at Coffs Coast Health Club. I now attend up to 5 classes every day and wish to continue to feel the way I do now. Without the wonderful instructors, I would not be where I am now.


What goals have you set for the future?
I enjoy all the gym’s classes and wish to continue to participate in pump and attack classes for as long as I can.

What is the most useful advice you could share with others?
You mustn’t be afraid to ask for help from the instructors or any of the other staff if you are struggling with anything. They are all very friendly and happy to help. If you haven’t tried a gym call in and try this one because you will love it.

Thanks for sharing Diane and if you are looking to kickstart your own inspirational fitness story, drop in to see the team at either Coffs Coast Health Club Toormina or Moonee, you can also contact our reception team on 6658 6222 to get started today.
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