19 Aug 2019

Before joining Healthy Inspirations, what was your weight management background?

After damaging my knee playing a competitive game of basketball I needed a full reconstruction. A year after the reconstruction and rehabilitation I was still very nervous and anxious to join a sporting team again. This was where my weight management took a nosedive along with my self-esteem.

So slowly gained weight and reached 100kg when I married. I was comfortable but still had very low self-esteem. I gained way too many kilos but because I was tall I thought I could get away with it.

Did you find support from Healthy Inspirations (Simone) to help you achieve your goals?
I am continually achieving new goals; I haven’t reached my final weight loss goal yet. There is no way I would have achieved anything without the support of Simone. I have numerous health issues and physical ailments that prevent me from doing everything at the gym.

Simone was very supportive when I first started and ensured I began my exercise program slowly to ensure I didn’t injure myself. Simone has been very responsive to my needs and to my developing a positive mindset. She pushes exactly where I need it and waits for me to be ready for a new exercise.

She believes in me and encourages me to try new things, which sometimes I whine about but I usually discover that I can do it, even if I think I can’t. I’ve set numerous goals and today I reached one of my exercise goals today whilst training on my own. I know that Simone will be very supportive when I share this goal with her.

What goals have you achieved so far in weight loss?
Since I finally got myself in a positive mindset l have lost 22 kg. I signed up for Healthy Inspirations in October 2015 but didn’t achieve any weight loss until my head was in the right space. The positive mindset finally reached me in May 2016.

I finally chose to eat the foods set out in the Healthy Inspirations program, and in the correct proportions. I also began attending the gym more than just when I had my personal training sessions. In almost nine months I have lost 22 kg and feel fantastic with my weight management.

Did you find the Healthy Inspirations lifestyle plan easy to follow?
It is definitely easy to follow. The food suggestions are real food. I hadn’t really eaten real food in a long time but once I got started it was actually very satisfying to eat real food again. Simone is always adding recipe suggestions onto the Healthy Inspirations Facebook page. These are very helpful to someone like me who would rather dial for food than bother cooking.

How does your new healthy lifestyle change help you with day to day activities?
Well, I’m watching a lot less television! I’m active as much as I can and if I can’t be active one day I make up for it the following day. I’m also sleeping so much better (oh, I’ve also kicked my caffeine addiction too, thanks to eating real food again and getting the nutrients my body needs).

With my weight management now I can complete a full day at work running around with twenty preschool children. I even walk to and from work which I never thought I would ever do. The best changes I’ve noticed is that my self-esteem and confidence is building again, which I love.

Thanks for sharing Leanne and if you are looking to kickstart your own inspirational fitness story, drop in to see me at Coffs Coast Health Club. You can also contact our reception team on 6658 6222. Follow them on facebook or drop in to see the friendly Coffs Coast Health Club team at either Toormina or Moonee Beach get started today.

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