22 Aug 2019
Before joining Healthy Inspirations, what was your weight management background?

I didn’t have any but did watch what I ate to a degree. I’ve never really been on a weight management plan such as Healthy Inspirations, which involved the exercise, and thought I could manage it myself. But, over time the management slips away, and it becomes harder to control. You get into set ways and think you’re doing well, until one day you hop on the scales and shout, “How did that happen!” Your weight has gone from A to Z without realizing it.

How has your weight management changed since joining Healthy Inspirations?

I now plan my meals and portion size, but mostly it’s the exercise I’m doing which is complementing the change in eating habits. By exercising more and changing my food intake, I’m finding my weight dropped off and now is more manageable. It’s taught me to eat in moderation. However, exercise is the key which wasn’t what I have done in the past.

So how did you go about making your positive change?

I was feeling sluggish and unhealthy. I didn’t have the energy to run around with my kids like they wanted me to. My kids noticed my body getting “rotund”; basically, I’d grown a “beer belly”, where there wasn’t one before. My wife had completed the Healthy Inspirations program with Simone and had a fantastic result. I decided that I could do it too, it seems like I wasn’t happy with what I had become and wanted to join my wife in the healthy lifestyle arena.

Did you find the support from Simone at Healthy Inspirations helped you achieve your goals?

Simone and the Healthy Inspirations program have done wonders for our family. By retraining us in the importance of healthy eating and exercising, I’ve now exceeded my goals and fitness level. Simone has pushed me to my limits; if I had trained by myself, I most likely wouldn’t have succeeded. Simone doesn’t take it overboard but gauges you on how far she can take you, and that helps you accomplish goals. Without her help, you definitely wouldn’t have reached that goal.

How has your exercise changed since joining Coffs Coast Health Club and doing Personal Training with Simone?

I was so unfit, but I didn’t realize until I started my personal training with Simone and noticed it. Simone eased me into the training and took me to a level I could cope with. As a result, my fitness improved, she changed the plan to push me harder. Having both the Coffs Coast Health Club and Healthy Inspirations in the same building is fantastic because they complemented each other’s programs and could be customized to my needs on the day. I’m now going more often than I ever thought. I was never into gyms before, but I am enjoying the availability of training early mornings or late at night. And, Simone has been available to work around my schedules, especially if I was finding it hard to get to a session.


Thanks for sharing, Nathan, if you are looking to kickstart your own inspirational fitness story, drop in to see me at Coffs Coast Health Club. You can also contact our reception team on 6658 6222. Follow them on facebook or drop in to see the friendly Coffs Coast Health Club team at either Toormina or Moonee Beach to get started today.
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