29 Aug 2019

What is your exercise background?
Selina: I have always been involved in some sort of sport my entire life. Currently, I play hockey, I attend pump class twice a week and I attend a Pilates class with Jacqui.
Sian: I had never been to a gym until 5 years ago but now I can’t imagine it not being part of my week! I also love my daily walks usually about 11km’s weather permitting! I wear out shoes very quickly.

What are some of your exercise/fitness goals?
Sian: I have some quite restrictive back injuries (from nursing) and being physically fit by lifting weights and the core strength that I get from Pilates significantly reduces any nasty recurrences.

Why did you choose Pilates as an exercise option?
Sian: I have been doing Personal Training for a few years now and it was my trainer’s suggestion that I also add in some Pilates to mix things up a bit and to help with my core strength.
Sally: After having my third child 7 years ago I wanted to strengthen my core muscles. My gym instructor recommended Pilates and advised it was a fantastic way to focus on core strength. At the time Jacqui was running a small class teaching the principals of Pilates so I joined in.

I enjoyed the exercises & learning the theory behind it. I like the mind/body focus you require in Pilates.

You do Small Group Pilates with Jacqui, how has that benefitted you?
Selina: Small Group Pilates has not only assisted in improving my abdominal muscles and back muscles, but it has also improved my posture and flexibility. Each member of our group has different strengths and weaknesses in our body. We are lucky that Jacqui’s teaching method suits each person and exercises and regularly ensure it’s reevaluated.
Sally: Technique is so important in Pilates and because we have a small group it means that Jacqui can correct our posture in any exercise if something we are doing is not correct. Working in a small group with others at the same level pushes you to challenge yourself.

Why did you select Jacqui as your trainer and what have you been doing together to achieve your goals?
Sally: Having previously worked with Jacqui I knew how much she gives to each client & that she would get the best out of me. I have always enjoyed Pilates, so when Jacqui told me she was starting up a class again I was keen to work with her.


What goals have you achieved so far?
Sian: Stronger core particularly but a good all over an increase in strength.
Selena: So far I have gained immense strength in my back and abdomen and as a result of Pilates with Jacqui, I have also noticed improved posture, flexibility, and all-over body awareness.

What are your goals for the future?
Sally: I’d like to incorporate the postures that I have learned through Pilates to help with my posture and to strengthen my back muscles.

What is the most useful advice you could share?
Sian: Give it a go! If you haven’t tried Pilates, then you should today!
Selina: Don’t be embarrassed to give something a go even if you have never done it before or give up because you thought you weren’t very good at it. I think all too often we compare ourselves to others. Remember no one is watching what you are doing, you only think they are.


Thanks for sharing girls and if you are looking to kickstart your own inspirational fitness story drop in to see me at Coffs Coast Health Club. You can also contact our reception team on 6658 6222 to get started today.
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