17 Dec 2016

One thing’s for sure with the health and fitness industry; there’s a ton of information circulating out there.

Some brilliant, exciting new research and techniques are easier to find or hear about, but then there’s, well umm … let’s just say, some highly inaccurate, boarding on dangerous information.

What’s the most important meal?

Your next one. Don’t live in the past nor too far into the future. If you have questionable nutritional habits, then from your next meal make better choices. You know that greasy fried, baked and sugar-rich foods are not good for you, nor are you consistently skipped meals, so choose better.

Don’t give up if you’ve eaten badly earlier, don’t worry whether you can eat correctly tomorrow … just eat better now.

What’s the best diet?

One that teaches good habits and nutrition while helping you reach a sustainable result with your exercise plan. Calories are not calories. Good nutrition works on the balance of energy (calories) in and out as most know, but it has two important factors; nutrient density and calorie density.

Nutrient density means the ratio of vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc per 100 calories. eg bright colored veggies have higher nutrient density compared to the meringue.

Calorie density means the ratio of calories per 100grams of food eg. 100grams of cookies are higher compared to fresh veggies.

Choose bright colored fruit and veg, lean meats and high fiber grains and you’re pretty good to go, only eating until you’re 80%  full.

What’s the best type of exercise plan?

The one you will do.

Not exercising?

Then you simply need an exercise plan to start something; gentle is good. Begin with a striding walk around the block.

Don’t get super excited about the latest exercise craze on Youtube University that will leave you sore, confused or worse still … injured.

The greatest exercise plan or program is no good if you can’t or won’t do it. Don’t procrastinate … just do something you like to begin!

Remember; you know what to do … you’re just not doing it!

If you need more help with your nutrition or exercise plan/goals call Tracy on 0429 695 096 or you can also contact our reception team on 6658 6222 to get started today at Coffs Coast Health Club either Toormina or Moonee Beach.

Article by Tracy Welsh – Specialist Master Coach

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