10 Dec 2016

Are you too busy to workout? Well, let’s take a look.

If you consider yourself time-poor, you’d probably be first to complain to me or others, that you have no time to work out or exercise, quality sleep, proper nutrition or just relaxing at home with loved ones.


Well, let’s do the math. 168; that’s the number of hours in a week; for each and every one of the 52 weeks of the year. On average a client spends two hours with me a week if lucky; two hours to make them healthier, stronger, fitter and happier than they alone can achieve.

So that leaves them 166 hours to use wisely; working, exercising, eating well, motivating themselves, sleeping well, rejuvenating the soul, working and spending time with family.

Can you spare two hours a week for exercise? No? Really?

I contest this isn’t the case, so let’s do some math. 168 hours in a week, let’s say we get the ideal eight-hours sleep a night x seven days = 56 hours, we now have 112 hours left in our week.

We work an average of 40 hours a week, leaving 72 hours.

Let’s be generous and allocate another 32 hours for errands, mealtimes, etc. which leave us 40 hours for leisure and family time.

If two hours is still too much you are not time-poor; you lack motivation. You require life balance; in your relationships, nutrition, rest, work and exercise.

Do you want to balance?

When you want something as bad as you want air to breathe; you will succeed.

When you’re honestly fed up no longer happy with how things are, when part of you digs in and won’t give up, firing the furnace, yelling at you not give up when there’s no more to give, then you have found the power switch to change your life.

It’s called motivation, and it lives within your 168 hours, so find it!

Until next month …

Article by Tracy Welsh – Specialist Master Coach

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