16 Sep 2019

In the words of Mary Roma, “exercise loves company” why your gym membership may be more valuable. Sure, Solo workouts can help you relieve stress after a day or give you some alone time, but a workout buddy can help you in many ways.

The best news of all? There’s no better time to convince your friends and family to join in on your healthy lifestyle with you. Also, if you’re already a Coffs Coast Health Club member, your buddy can join and receive 2 weeks free membership.

Call your friends and text your family to tell them that it’s finally time they join the gym with you! If they don’t agree with you, jump on board straight away and use the list below to convince them.

How You Benefit from Your Friend Joining You at the Gym

1. Commitment. Some people think it’s hard to commit time out of their day to go to the gym. Having a friend with a gym membership to meet you, gives you a scheduled time to stick to, and someone waiting on you that you don’t want to disappoint. Even if you don’t complete your entire workout together, it is encouraging to meet up with someone depending on you.

2. Familiarity. Some people find it daunting to start at a new gym and not know where everything can be found. With a friend, you’ll never have to walk into a group fitness class alone again! Being able to find specific machines and workout areas will have you feeling more comfortable getting started and more likely to return to the gym confidently to stay committed to your goals.

3. Time. Some people think a healthy lifestyle can take a lot of time and planning to stick to your healthy habits. If you’re trying to reach a specific goal, meeting up with friends for dinner or cocktails can derail you. By encouraging your friends to also adopt a healthy lifestyle and joining you to go to the gym, you can consolidate your time catching up and working out together, as well as eating slightly more healthy meals together.

4. Fun. You love meeting up with your friends from a team. Sure, solo workouts can help but some people find hitting the gym after work you relieve stress after a day or give you a different story. By engineering your gym time to be a fun time you meet up with your friends can make the experience part of your day look forward rather than dread. This simple way to reframe the situation will make you more motivated to make time for your daily workout.

5. Inspiration. Want your family and friends to make healthier choices? There’s no better way than by setting an example. Health is your greatest wealth and there’s no better feeling than feeding off each other’s enthusiasm to live a higher quality life together.

If you are ready to achieve your goals but would find it easier with someone by your side, then ask around and get started today go to the gym. Your prime targets are people that you have commonality with. Your best bet is your friends, family, work colleagues, classmates, and teammates.
So If you can’t find anyone to join you from the list above… don’t despair! because Community-based health clubs like ours are well known for a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Many great friendships and even business partnerships have all been sparked by a chance meeting with in our club over the past 10 years.

Group Exercise Classes, Wellness Coaching and Personal Training also provide the opportunity to work out with someone to help you achieve your goals and are available at both of our clubs.

The bottom line is that if you want to achieve something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse, so over to you. MAKE IT HAPPEN and start living your best life today!

Thanks for sharing Duncan and if you are looking to kickstart your inspirational health and fitness story. Simply call 1300 040 479 or drop in to see the friendly Coffs Coast Health Club team at either Toormina or Moonee Beach to get started today. 

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