13 Dec 2015

Thank you for such a positive response to last month’s story about Sheree and her amazing client, Anne. This month we are catching up with Jean Beby and her weight loss Coach Simone Saunders, to hear her inspiring story.

Before joining Healthy Inspirations, what was your weight management history?
I had no weight management strategy; I just kept hoping I would wake up thinner. I have actually battled with my weight since having children. I have made three attempts in my adult years to lose weight. 1 – with a Dietician, 2 – with Weight Watchers and now with Healthy Inspirations, which is the one I have found the easiest to follow and stick to.

How has your weight changed since joining the programme?
My weight has changed signifi cantly since joining Healthy Inspirations. In just six months, I have lost a total of 16 kg.

So how did you go about making that positive change?
My health was starting become an issue, and I knew l needed to lose weight. I had joined Coffs Health Club at Toormina during Seniors Week and really liked their exercise programmes. I knew I would not lose the weight on my own, so I decided to try the weight loss programme, and I am very glad I did.

How did you find the support from Healthy Inspirations?
The support from Healthy Inspirations is great. Simone would go through my weekly menus, offer recipe suggestions and meal planning. She also gave me an exercise programme to work on and guided me through it to make sure I knew exactly how to do the exercises. Each month, she measured me so I could see the progress I was making. Simone was always contactable if I had any problems during the week too.

What goals have you achieved so far?
I had a lot of weight to lose, so we made short term goals and when we achieved that, we then made another goal. So from 100 kg I wanted to get to 90 kg and then I wanted 85 kg. I now weigh 83kg, and I’m aiming  or 80 kg. I hope my final weight will be around the 75 to 79 kg mark.

Did you find the lifestyle plan easy to  follow?
Yes, I did. The one great thing is that I did not have to count calories, but just measure portion  sizes. I removed all the non-edible foods from my fridge and cupboards and just bought the food items from the programme. In fact, the first week I thought I was eating far too much to have any sort of weight loss,  but was amazed when I lost 2 kg.

How has your exercise changed since joining Coffs Coast Health Club and doing Personal Training with Simone?
Being an older person, I have found the gym excellent. They teach you how to do the exercises properly and why you are doing them. I go to two different classes each week. Simone and I work out after our weigh in, and she advises me on how to work with the machines at my  level,  as it is very easy to overdo things – especially as we get older. So with my three types of exercise routines, my body is feeling  quite strong and active.

How does your lifestyle change help you with everyday activities?
Being overweight puts so much strain on my body, so losing weight enables me to function so much better. Walking, shopping, gardening, even exercising feels so much easier. Energy levels have improved and  hen  you are eating well, you feel better too. No heartburn, indigestion or feeling sluggish. I don’t need nanna naps anymore, although I might sneak one in every now and then after a busy week.

Thanks for sharing,  Jean,  and if you’re looking to kickstart your own inspirational fitness story, drop in to see me at Coffs Coast Health Club, Toormina or our NEW CLUB in MOONEE! You can also contact Simone directly on 0402 202 864 to get started today.

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